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GSO 2015 | 10.4. OULU


Liisa Lähteenaho

Liisa Lähteenaho works as Chief People Officer at Mountain Sheep. Her duties include everything except the actual game development - be it administration, HR, customer support or business development.

At 10.00 : Liisa Lähteenaho / From CEO to CEO - from Chief Everything Officer to Chief Executive Officer. Why every game studio should hire their own CPO?

Mikael Krogius

Mikael Krogius is the founder and CEO of Winwap Technologies, a company with a long history of international high volume software licensing. One of Mikael's primary responsibilities nowadays is to license games from Finnish mobile game developers for the Chinese market, and educate the mobile game developers about how China can be monetized safely.

At 14.30 : Mikael Krogius / Learn about the Chinese gaming market and why it`s important to go there. The Chinese culture is far from similar to the Finnish culture, and game sales in China can only be successful when cultural differences in business making is handled properly.

Jonne Valtonen

Jonne Valtonen is a classically trained composer. He has written concert- (orchestra), electronic-, game- and theatre music during his career. At the early age he worked in a famous computer demo group called Future Crew as a musician under the pseudonym Purple Motion. He is a co-owner of a commercial studio located in Turku (www.valtone.com) and he currently works as a main composer and arranger in Merregnon Studios (Germany). Recently he recorded arrangements of Final Fantasy as well as his own music in the Abbey Road -studios with the London Symphony Orchestra.

At 16.30 : Panel discussion

Tomas Jech (USA)

Tomas Jech is a professional animator in the videogames industry. He currently holds the position of Senior Animator at Riot Games on League of Legends. Prior to joining Riot, he has interned in animation at Pixar, animated on Halo: Reach at Bungie Studios, and was an animator at Blizzard Entertainment. Throughout his career, Tomas has had the great fortune to work alongside some of the most talented creative professionals in the world. But creative work is always a struggle, and innovation comes with a host of fears and insecurities to overcome. In his talk, Tomas shares the lessons that help him deal with insecurity directly and maintain an innovative environment in the ever-changing industry of game development.

At 9.00 : Tomas Jech (Riot Games) - Poop for the Stars.
His lecture is titled "Poop for the Stars". He has been developing it over the last four years- pulling stories and lessons from work experience at Pixar, Bungie, and Blizzard, as well as his current position as a senior animator at Riot Games. While he speaks from his experience being an animator, the talk is widely applicable to any creative field.

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